Glorified Stoner?

Is there anything wrong with the glorified life of a stoner?

Everybody knows somebody that knows somebody that’s a stoner. A lot of these weed smokers start young and don’t see anything wrong with smoking it sometime in their lives. Plus there always seems to be that argument of weed not being bad for you, or cigarettes and alcohol are worse for you than weed is or the oh so popular one these days; Obama smoked weed, Miley does it, Bob Marley smoked weed, so why can’t I?

Well let’s look at it from two viewpoints. I happen to know a lot of stoners but I myself do not smoke so I will try to provide a balanced argument.

The Glorious Side

On the one hand some people who do smoke are in fact geniuses and these geniuses say that weed is the trigger that unleashes their more artful sides, let’s take one of the most influential weed smokers ever Bob Marley. Bob Marley believed that weed was a natural herb and that it revealed you to yourself.

Many people do believe that weed calms people down and many use it to meditate and relax. So in some ways you can say that weed is a harmless and natural herb. I mean things like alcohol and cigarettes are chemically modified substances whereas weed is a plant that you grow naturally. What is the harm in that?

Not so Glorious


There hasn’t really been any solid evidence that weed actually good or bad for you but have you really met a weed smoker from both spectrums of the board? The weed smokers who turn into these artful vibes and actually do something productive with these vibes or the weed smokers who you could call addicts; the ones who would spend their last penny on the stuff? Well I have.

I have met some people who become someone else when they have smoked ; someone who creates their best work when they have smoked whether it’s poetry, art or music, their best work is after a blunt.

However I have met people who are actual potheads and would spend their last penny on weed, they also become grumpy and aggressive when they haven’t smoked. I also know a group of older people who have smoked all their lives and they wished they had stopped when they were younger because not only does it really effect them now but they find it very hard to stop. It is plain to see weed has become the centre of their lives and it wears away at your brain. They complain about memory loss, mood swings, obliviousness.

Despite long term effects, weed are glorified by media to a point where many young people feel like they must smoke it. These days people have access to media from a very young age and when things like weed is being glorified by all of these celebrities younger people are more prone to start at young age. So is it such a good idea that people like Miley Cyrus or Rihanna with such young fans take titles as glorified weed smokers?

In my personal opinion I believe that you have the freedom to do whatever you want but at the same time people must remember that somethings you do have ramifications when glorifying the life of a stoner, remember that young people are looking at what the media does and says and with platforms as reaching as Twitter, we are only making it easier to draw people into that lifestyle.

Not to say that their is anything evidentially wrong with smoking it but you must look at the wider picture, it is still illegal and is a drug and it’s just not something that I believe should be promoted on such a wide scale. If people want to smoke at their own leisure they should have the right to do just that



    • Glad you understand my opinion. If it was legal and people smoked it, I wouldn’t care, I don’t necessarily care if it isn’t legal in the sense that people are free to do as they please at their own risks, however I do care if it’s being glorified; legal or not. People can become addicted to it and rely on it to determine their moods. It’s like taking a Benzodiazepine to calm you down; you can become addicted to it. I just don’t think it’s something for younger people to look up to.

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